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What to Do Before the Furniture Delivery Person Leaves

Many things might go wrong when you get the furniture delivered and put you in a dangerous scenario. Almost all of these situations may be avoided entirely by simply understanding what to do when the driver comes and, more importantly, what to do before he departs. Furniture purchases are frequently far too costly to be unaware of this information, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with damaged or wrong furniture. Here’s a quick rundown of how to handle furniture delivery from beginning to end.
The first step is to ensure that you will be present when the furniture comes. While this may seem obvious, many people have “others” remove their belongings. Take the day (or half-day) off work to ensure that you obtain what you were promised. You should also double-check that delivery includes setup. If this service is not included in your furniture delivery, you will require the assistance of friends or relatives. The delivery driver will only be responsible for getting the furniture to the front porch, not the home, particularly the ultimate resting position. As a result, make sure you have some people to assist you in carrying the furniture. This is unimportant if you paid for the service.
You should thoroughly check the crates for holes, tears, and rips when the furniture comes. Any damage, including damage to the outside boxes, should be acknowledged and documented. This is because if you discover damage to the furniture, it might become quite essential. It’s possible that something happened during the shipping process or at the manufacturing. If the outer packing is destroyed, it was most likely damaged during shipping. If the exterior box is in perfect condition, the factory most likely caused the damage.

Make sure you open and check each piece of furniture before the delivery guy leaves. Do not sign any document until you have completed this process from beginning to end. Inspect the furniture’s frames, fabric, legs, and functionality. If your purchase includes a recliner, for example, double-check the recline option to ensure it functions properly. If this is not the case, make a note on the delivery page and contact the furniture company. Fast phone contact with the furniture company is essential since some will need you to return the items.

Some firms may argue that if you do not call and accept the furniture, you are taking it as is. Because this is a shady strategy, you should take precautions. Most good merchants would not try to trick you into buying damaged or unsuitable furniture, but it never hurts to be cautious. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

The first step is to examine the furnishings. The second step is to write down and call about the issues. The third option is to sign a damage waiver for the furniture delivery driver. Some people will object, but you should insist on it where possible. If you’re unsure, deny the delivery. If you have the impression that you are being deceived or that you are being pressured to accept faulty products, you should trust your instincts. If the furniture firm appears to be trying to stick you with the furniture, for example, you should decline the delivery. Although this is unusual, you should be aware that you have a legal right to receive the items you bought. Accept nothing less.

The majority of furniture delivery drivers are not hired by the furniture manufacturer and have little vested interest in the outcome. This is because it is their business to transport the furniture. That’s all there is to it. They can go on to the next delivery after the furniture has been delivered. As a result, they may try to speed you through the procedure. Allowing them to do so is not a good idea. Take your time and double-check that you’ve received the furnishings you purchased.

Most furniture firms will do the right thing in the long term. Protecting your interests, knowing your rights, and empowering yourself, on the other hand, is not a terrible thing. Know what you can and cannot do, and make a point of inspecting the furnishings. The last thing you want is to discover damage after the package has been delivered. Only a few furniture firms (though several) would then go out of their way to assist you. Only the top furniture firms would handle this, so don’t take chances by bypassing the process. Your furniture delivery will be a breeze if you follow these steps, and your rights will be safeguarded.

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