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Looking for Genealogy Mystery Novelist

If you love literature, you must be looking for novels. However, you want to read novels that have historical significance. You are looking for novels that thrill you from the very start until the end. However, you also want to get a satisfying ending to the stories. You better try reading samples with unexpected genealogical conclusions. If you heard of Mary Lou Condike, you better visit her official website and know what she offers in the field of modern literature. For sure, all her novels will hook you because of their unexpected endings.

Upon visiting the website, you immediately get the feel of a writer who is serious in providing thrilling entertainment to the readers. You want to read cozy mysteries because they thrill you to the bones. However, there are mysteries that have disappointing endings. By knowing ML Condike, you will surely not experience getting disappointed just because you have already expected the endings. You will surely be surprised that the endings of her novels are the exact opposite of your anticipations. What made the stories of Mary Lou Condike new is that she gets access to historic cold cases which are all available from police and public files. After reading them, she will devise what-if scenarios and imagine solutions like no other.

Other people who tried reading her stories would say that they are all having general appeal. In fact, both old and young would love the stories. As a millennial, you want to read stories that will make you feel so much connected to reality. Her stories would feature a millennial woman who desires to start a family. From that standpoint, you would feel how hopeful the character is as she is going to enter a promising married life. However, the ending will not be what you like to happen to the character.

You will read cold case mystery novels and short stories. If you want the suspense to keep going in your life, just find time to read the old and even the latest stories. Mary Lou Condike is indeed an award-winning writer. He was known to be the first place winner in 2019 Writer’s Digest under the Popular Fiction Awards Category. She is also recognized by Sisters in Crime as a fabulous writer. Besides, Mystery Writers of America, Granbury Writers’ Bloc, and WORDfest acknowledge the greatness of ML Condike in the field of writing.

What will get your attention about her recently is her soft-boiled mystery that has a moral edge. If you are excited to know more about the character of RaeJean who happens to be a forensic genealogist in the story, you better inquire from her. The said story is currently unpublished. The writer also has some recent blog posts which you deserve to read. Those things are quite different from the novels and short stories she is creating. If you want to get updates from her through social media, you can visit her Facebook page or connect with her through Twitter and Instagram.

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